Our Mission -- Food Delivery THE WAY IT SHOULD BE


Message to the Sauté Community:

As a single mom and working professional, I came home endless nights too tired to cook and with no options available for delivery except pizza. The more the options grew with all the food delivery apps, the less satisfied I became. 

Sauté brings together my love of food and my desire to share that food with those I care about. 

Sauté is perfect for people who care about good food but don’t always have the time to cook or the inclination to go out. Our food is an accessible luxury that you can enjoy whether you are sitting at home by yourself, eating with your family or entertaining guests.

The Food

Our dishes are designed to travel well.   Sauté is about providing a nourishing lifestyle to our community. In addition to our own dishes created with inspiration from Tom Berry, our very talented culinary advisor, we feature dishes from local top chefs. Order from different award winning chefs all with a click of a button on our app.

The Drinks

We use artificial intelligence and a database of 200,000 flavors categorized as part of the Flavor Genome Project to match our dishes with wine or beer pairings. Dr. Beth Altringer of the Desireablity Lab and Harvard University spearheads the project.

The Meaning

A portion of our profits each year go toward food insecurity issues. We will focus on supporting connections among medical providers and local farmers to provide healthy food options to patients in disadvantaged communities. 

We will strive to fulfill our mission with every delivery. We are committed to continue growing and improving, so I want to hear from you if we ever fall short on that commitment. 

Tena Zara, Sauté Founder